Download APK Tasty China Latest Version

Download APK Tasty China Latest Version

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More2Game Ltd. . 1.4.5 21/03/2022
I'm a single mother,
I am not here to tell you guys I am a soft person, but being single is awesome!
And I got a little five years old girl, we hang out have fun together eat and drink.
We love foods, so we spend our spare time to made a food game “together”.
“Together”means I do the art and coding work, and she taking care for the part of investigate dishes...

The purpose of this game is so simple, so the game is relatively simple too, mainly it’s made for my daughter.
And yes, you guys are all “her player”^^
So this game got no place to top up, if you like, just click on the advertisement so that we can more inspection dishes.

※ Play anywhere, cook everywhere!
- Download for free, no in-app purchases, cook to earn it all
- No limitations, no more waiting
- Casual gameplay that can play itself

※ Manage your dream Chinese restaurant!
- 10 legendary Chinese cuisines, 10 restaurants waiting to be opened
- A simple tap and delicious recipes are yours
- Satisfy all your customers with your time management skills

※ Upgrade your kitchens for quicker delicacies!
- Hire and upgrade your cooks, faster food and service is coming
- Unlock and upgrade your dishes to bring in more customers
- Upgrade your restaurant, add more dining tables and get more income

※ New customers are arriving!
- 18 new customers will randomly come to bring surprising rewards
- Collect and save all the chefs, dishes and customers in your album

What's new

1. Optimize the “Index” outlook, each index allows to click and view information
2. Adjust the new guest trigger condition, clearly unlock the new guest
3. Reduce the number of initial ads for the game
4. Adjust the upgrade value, AFK and play, less real money spend
5. Optimized some special hungry effect


Game simulation

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