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Download APK GlobalAdvantage Latest Version

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Deloitte LLC . 7.0.87 21/03/2022
The GlobalAdvantage app simplifies paperwork and record keeping for business travelers, multi-state residents, international assignees or anyone who works in different locations on different days. Simply complete your profile and turn on the app's location services -- GlobalAdvantage works in the background without compromising your battery life. The app provides an editable calendar and automatically calculates the percentage of time you've worked in different places. GlobalAdvantage can also assist in your travel planning, help you share necessary travel documents with Deloitte, and reminds you of important dates and deadlines.

GlobalAdvantage Benefits:
-Saves time and could improve compliance
-Helps you to keep your travel records accurate and complete
-Encrypted storage on your device that syncs to secure Deloitte servers
-Maintain total control, and edit your records at any time

What's new

Mobile Native implementation for Document Upload and Document Download , Role mapping for displaying Advisor Bio.



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