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Track your cryptocurrency and fiat currency assets, your total balance, profits ,returns, etc.
It can also be used as an investment simulator.
It is a simple and quick way to monitor the value of cryptocurrency, tokens or fiat you might own without having to put your sensitive information.
You cannot store, buy, or sell with this app. It is to help quickly monitor your portfolio. Current prices are from CoinGecko and may vary at times when compared to specific exchanges.
You will be able to:
- See Summary of returns and profits filtering by open, closed or both operations.
- Investment simulator.
- Pie chart showing investments.
- Suggestions of symbols or tickets when adding investments.
- Schedule alerts for stops loss and gain.
- Add observations or notes.
- Close operations totally or partially.
- Increase holdings.
- Export your portfolio to a spreadsheet-compatible .csv file.

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