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Nooie Inc.. 2.1.7 25/06/2021
Nooie App Introduction:

Live with style and ease. Nooie aims to create indispensable products that are stylish, affordable, and easy to use. Nooie Home app lets you control your smart devices from anywhere, anytime.

Nooie Plug

With Nooie Plug and the Nooie Home app, you can set automatic operating schedules for any plugged-in device in your home, from lamps to coffee makers to rice cookers. You can schedule them to turn on and off during specific hours, create timers, or enable voice control with Google Assistant, Alexa. For instructions, please go to “Third-Party Controls” in the app. You will also be able to share access to your device with family or friends, simply by adding them as “Owners” or “Guests” in the “Manage Home” menu. If you own multiple Nooie plugs, you can also create a group to control them simultaneously.

What's new

1. Added support for IPC 100B (Nooie Cam 360 2K)
2. Added support for IPC007C (Nooie Cam Indoor 1080P)
3. Fixed bugs



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