Download APK 第六天魔王 - 國際版 Latest Version

Download APK 第六天魔王 - 國際版 Latest Version

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More2Game Ltd. . 1.4.3 10/09/2021
The 2020 brand new card strategy mobile game strikes hard, taking you through the era of the Warring States Period and creating the Warring States and Warring States together!
This is a mobile game that changes according to the history of the Japanese Warring States Period. The game takes the Japanese Warring States Period as the background. Players can play various names such as Oda family, Takeda family, and Uesugi family, collect their own celebrities and confront other forces, and finally achieve The goal of unifying Japan.

"Game Highlights"

View of the beautiful Japanese style
Fresh and beautiful Japanese style pictures, you will experience the traditional Japanese history! The serene and elegant chrysanthemum, the fierce knife, the beauty of the conflict between the chrysanthemum and the sword is perfectly presented in the game.

Perfect development system
Perfect and unique cultivation system, let you create personalized game characters! On the sixth day, the demon king who kills people like hemp has more than one side.

Shuang の cross-service national war burst screen
Tens of thousands of people meet each other on the screen, supernatural powers help out, and bloody battle pictures bring unparalleled sensory shock!

Zhi no transforms to reverse the war
Each of the famous generals has a unique cool trick, hundreds of generals' stunts, dozens of types of arms characteristics, the combination of ever-changing, coordinated with the formation of troops, let the strategy determine the battle. There is also an explosive transformation system, which brings the thrill of a one-second counterattack and reversing the war situation.

Drama reshapes the spirit of samurai
The solid storyline restores the killing history of the Warring States Period and reshapes the spirit of Bushido. After the game, understanding and discussing various classic battles, legendary anecdotes, and sword arts in the game will also become interactive fun for players.

This game is classified as 6+ protection level according to the game software management method.
This game is free, and there are additional services such as stored value purchase of virtual coins and goods in the game.
Please pay attention to game time and avoid indulging in games.

What's new

# 新增金色式神【彼岸花】
# 新增金色禦獸【伏牛】&【傀狼】
# 新增金色戰舞姬【甲斐姬】&【稻姬】
# 新增一目連著物【大將之風】和追月神著物【神月巫女】
# 新增金色武將著物“無雙戰刃--惟任日向守”、“鬼武者--蒼天疾驅”,“百獸魔君--東照神君”,“鬼面魔神--花之慶次”可以通過相關活動中獲取

# VIP禮包獎勵更新,加入了金色禦獸等珍貴道具
# 增加大名府提升天守閣等級成就【青瓦白墻】的數量
# 大名府中建築等級上限由50級提升為60級
# 大名爭霸積分機制優化:匹配賽中戰鬥將以參賽者的歷史最高戰力為標準,而不是參賽者的實時戰力
# 靈玉商店每周商店部分道具購買次數調整:
## 進階書:10次調整為20次
## 法寶精煉玉:10次調整為20次
## 靈羽:8次調整為20次
## 橙色註靈石:10次調整為20次
## 金將魂玉碎片:5次調整為10次
# 海龍馬調整:荊棘技能減少2點怒氣改為附加怒氣灼燒效果(每回合減少2點怒氣,持續1回合)
# 其他已知bug修改


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