Download APK 放置神將 Latest Version

Download APK 放置神將 Latest Version

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More2Game Ltd. . 1.9.5 29/04/2021
Take the hero post from Mr. Shui Jing to stop the evil thief and the troubled world!
Join the army of heroes to develop together and participate in the peak competition to compete for the hero!

"Place of God" is a brand new light mobile game, which does not take up time to upgrade. The classics are back, and all the famous generals of the three countries are on the stage, allowing you to experience a different life one by one, giving pointers to the country and charging forward. The meticulous character depiction and interesting plot description will gradually take you to experience the growth of the character. Awakening and transforming into a fascinating, various PVP and PVE gameplays emerge in endlessly.

[Feature 1] Massive benefits, sincerely!
Log in to get ingots, log in the next day to get 5 stars Xiaoqiao, log in on the 8th to get 5 stars Zhuge Liang!
Daily sign-in is rewarded with Hao gifts, and continuous login can also receive 50 thousand ingots!
VIP privileges do not cost money, you can upgrade upon completion of tasks, everyone is VIP15!

[Feature 2] Infinite strategies, endless matches!
More than a hundred kinds of individual generals, many individual skills, the four camps fetter each other,
There are countless armors of magical soldiers, ten psychic beasts, come and build your mighty division!

[Feature 3] Wonderful activities, endless fun!
Combining traditional placement gameplay, battle, dungeon, heroes, collection, and cultivation!
There are also Wolong Grottoes, Proving Grounds, Attack of Giant Beasts, Treasure Hunt in Fantasyland!
Rich content, waiting for you to explore!

[Feature 4] Passionate Legion, endless fun!
Abundant legion activities, as well as generous gifts between members, totems, spring water, to create the most humane legion alliance!
There are more legions competitions, legion battles, friendly exchanges, and strive to be the strongest legion!

【Feature 5】Planned by the whole people, travel to the Three Kingdoms!
The beloved general has not yet appeared? The generals under his command are not strong enough? Is there a more interesting way to play?
We value the experience of each lord, if you have novel brains and jumping thoughts, please directly give valuable suggestions to the planning!

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What's new

# 競技場中增加冠軍試煉玩法。
# 新增武將命魂系統, 主角等級達到70級開啟。
# 試煉場增加命魂副本的試煉,每日挑戰可獲得大量的命魂石獎勵
# 宇宙探險玩法中幸運骰子修改成未使用的可以一直累計,活動結束後不會清零
# 下調試煉場中各個難度試煉副本的解鎖等級,可以更早挑戰高難度的試煉副本
# 優化新手7天樂獎勵,在活動期間,只要購買了新手七天樂禮包,可以立即獲得大量獎勵,同時可以重新領取一遍已完成的七天樂任務獎勵。達成任務條件還可領取五星神將--周瑜
# 下調軍團中元寶捐獻碎片的價格,修改為每次捐獻只需消耗10元寶
# 下調軍團遠征中使用元寶購買次數的價格
# 適當下調主線副本中怪物的閃避率,優化挑戰體驗
# 點將台中龍卡抽卡修改為十連抽必得一個五星武將
# 每周禮包中新增兩個新的特惠禮包
# 修改星宿副本快速戰鬥獎勵不對的bug
# 修復部分武將獲取途徑不正確的bug
# 其他已知bug修改


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